Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hide Vertical Scrollbar In Iceweasel

First find userChrome.css : Open Troubleshooting Information page :Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information. At Profile Directory : Open Containing Folder.
In the folder named chrome add the following to the file userChrome.css ( or create it, if it's not there ) :

notificationbox {
overflow-x: hidden;
browser[type="content-primary"], browser[type="content-targetable"] {
overflow-y: scroll;
margin-right: -15px; /* 12px == width of my scrollbar */

The negative margin-right will shift the page 15 pixels to the right, thereby hiding the scrollbar. It is still there, you can change it from 15 to 12 and see that some of it will show.

Restart iceweasel to see the result....

1 comment:

  1. How do you also hide the horizontal scroll bar at the same time? I've tried to add onto the above code yet I just seem to hide the horizontal yet display the vertical.