Friday, October 30, 2009

Candara, a nice font

Candara has been my favorite font for years now. It's one of the Vista fonts, developed to take advantage of ClearType to improve the reading experience in Windows Vista ( and Debian !)
A collection of Windows fonts is to be found here .

Put the fonts you like in a directory called .fonts in your home directory.

Don't forget to add these lines to your .fonts.conf.

Silky, smooth scrolling in firefox

This addon will improve your websurfing experience. Just try it !

<---- I use these settings

Such a nice theme

Hello firefox and thunderbird users, if you are looking for a nice theme don't forget to try this one. It's my favorite for years now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Minimal installation of Debian Lenny, KDE desktop

Go to this website and download a netinst image.
The image contains the installer and a small set of packages which allows the installation of a very basic system.
As root install the following packages : xorg, kdebase, kdm. This will give you a minimalistic, yet working KDE environment. It could be even smaller ( remember kdebase is just a metapackage ), but for me this is a good starting point.
After this just install everything you need ( kpackage might be handy for this ).
This way I get a stable and fast operating system, even on my old Pentium4.
From grub to kdm in 29 seconds !