Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Puddletag Audio Tag Editor

Puddletag is an audio tag editor similar to the Windows program Mp3tag. It's powerful, feature-rich and intuitive and uses a spreadsheet-like layout so that all the tags you want to edit by hand are visible and easily editable.
Puddletag excels at automating repetitive tasks like extracting tag information from filenames, tagging files from text file or clipboard, renaming files and folders based on tags by using patterns and manipulating tags using actions and regular expressions.
You can lookup tags using Amazon (including cover art), Discogs (does cover art too!), FreeDB and MusicBrainz.
Install dependencies as root:
apt-get install python-qt4 python-pyparsing python-mutagen python-configobj python-musicbrainz2

Download puddletag_0.10.3-1_all.deb and as root :
dpkg -i puddletag_0.10.3-1_all.deb

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