Friday, January 28, 2011

Google Chrome Font Preferences And Minimum Font Size

You can change the default font and language for webpages in Preferences > Under the Hood > Web Content.
Google Chrome lacks an option to specify a minimum font-size and to force certain fonts for all webpages.....

To force a certain font on all websites close Chrome first and go to ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/User StyleSheets  ( for Chromium that is ~/.config/chromium/Default/User StyleSheets ) and open Custom.css. Write to it ( this is my choice ) :


To specify a minimum font-size go to ~/.config/google-chrome/Default and open Preferences. Search for webkit and add these two lines :

"minimum_font_size": 14,
"minimum_logical_font_size": 14,

My Preferences  after this looks like :

   "webkit": {
      "webprefs": {
         "default_fixed_font_size": 18,
         "default_font_size": 18,
         "fixed_font_family": "Candara",
         "minimum_font_size": 14,
         "minimum_logical_font_size": 14,
         "sansserif_font_family": "Candara",
         "serif_font_family": "Candara"

Alternatives are these two extensions :
AutoZoom :
Minimum Font :

A screenshot :

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