Friday, December 3, 2010

Note-Taking with Memonic

Memonic is a free, web based note-taking software. It keeps more than just links. You can save web content and use it on any computer or mobile device. At any time you can edit your items by adding or removing content.

Their Web Clipper is the most efficient way to capture content of webpages. After you install their Add-on or Bookmarklet for your browser, go to any web page. To start capturing content just click on the Memonic link or icon at the top of your browser. This will activate the Web Clipper.

Some features :
  • Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • One click Word & Open Office integration
  • Embed your notes in your blog
  • Share your sets with a tiny URL
Noscript users : How to configure NoScript Firefox Plugin for Memonic

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